Reflectiv Ceramic Films



The SunBloc Reflectiv series utilizes metallization on top of ceramic technology to achieve privacy without sacrificing visible light transmittance to the interior. As ceramics are still the main ingredient of its heat-rejecting ability, cellular signal interferences are negligible. Just like other SunBloc ceramic films, excellent ultraviolet rejection comes standard. With various colors to choose from, SunBloc Reflectiv ceramic films are ideal for residential and commercial structures where colored-looking glass panels are preferred.

  Thickness   Performance Metrics    
SunBloc no. Ply mil VLT (%) IRR (%) TSER (%) UVR (%) Color Shade
SCPR-BK15-20R 2.0 2.0 12.0 88.0 54.0 100.0 Neutral
SCPR-BK20-20R 2.0 2.0 16.0 85.0 54.0 100.0 Neutral
  • Ply – Construction
  • Mil – Thickness
  • VLT – % of Visible Light transmitted
  • IRR – % of Infrared/Heat rejected
  • TSER – % of Total Solar Energy rejected
  • UVR – % of Ultraviolet rejected

• All films are scratch resistant

* Performance metrics based on EDTM test machines are accurate to ±2%. Variations within this range are normal.


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