The Ceramic Advantage

The use of nano-ceramics is the latest development in window film manufacturing technology, and we’re happy to tell you that all members of Sunbloc’s Ultimate, Ceraguard, and Carbon family are founded on this technology. Excellent optical clarity, heat absorption, and electronic signal preservation properties make them ideal for automotive and architectural applications now, more than ever, with the widespread use of Wi-Fi, GPS, cellphones, and TPMS.

Some dealers of inferior window films try to discredit-nano-ceramic films by pointing to the heat absorbed by the latter. It’s true that a significant portion of the heat is absorbed by the films and a great sign, actually, that the window films are doing their heat reduction job.

What they don’t tell you is that most of the absorbed heat is re-radiated outwards. This is reaffirmed by testimonials from satisfied building and home owners mentioning reduced energy and faster room cooling times. A minimal portion of heat re-radiated inwards is a fair trade-off for the preservation of electronic signals, and turning the A/C on a minute earlier is all it takes to solve it.

Next time you visit your favorite window film dealer, ask for some sputtered/metallized film wastage, wrap it around your cellphone, and decide if you’d rather turn the A/C on a tiny bit earlier or lose cell signal for however long you stay in the car/building.