The Brand

SunBloc window films were initially launched in 2005 to cater to the market need for then-popular metallized and reflective window films. A thorough product line shift from conventional window films to high performance window films was implemented in 2013, paving the way for the modern, heat-rejecting Nano-ceramic films that SunBloc Performance Window Films are known for today.

Modern SunBloc Performance Window Films are engineered with advanced Nano-ceramic technology for superlative heat rejection across a broad spectrum of shades and in comparison with other window films. Due to minimized solar heat gain, the installation of these films drastically lowers cooling-related energy costs and lengthens HVAC equipment lives in homes and buildings, since these do not have to work as hard as they normally would. Installed in vehicles, drivers and passengers alike experience a more comfortable commute, even with the sun directly shining against them.

The use of Nano-ceramics allows SunBloc Performance Window Films to offer the best heat rejecting performance-to-price ratio while preserving cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, and other electronic signals. Core benefits include:

• Faster cooling
• Lower cooling-related energy costs
• Longer HVAC equipment usage lives
• Exceptional optical clarity
• Minimized entry of harmful UV light
• Reasonable pricing