What SunBloc Solves

1. Heat / Infrared (IR)

  • Solar heat comes with natural light and can get particularly unbearable during the summer season, even affecting work productivity by as much as 25%, as studies have shown.
  • SunBloc window films block natural light’s infrared/heat wavelengths without affecting visible light, leading to a more comfortable indoor environment.
  • During hot days, SunBloc window films can consistently lower indoor temperatures by as much as 2°C, a difference easily felt by residents or building occupants, while costing less than low-E coated glass.

2. UV Rays / Fading

  • SunBloc window films greatly reduce the amount of harmful UV light reaching building occupants and interiors.
  • UV rays have been linked to material degradation and photosensitivity and proven dangerous, causing various diseases of the skin.
  • Reducing the amount of indoor UV light minimizes furniture degradation, color fading, deformation, and cracking and is also beneficial in the preservation of paintings, photographs, and merchandise packaging.

3. Energy Costs

  • Air-conditioning (AC) units need more energy and electricity to maintain interior temperatures on hot days.
  • SunBloc window films cut energy costs by reducing the amount of time AC units run under heavy load.
  • This, in turn, leads to noticeable savings on cooling-related energy requirements.
  • On top of lower electrical bills, minimizing the load on AC units extends their usage life as well, further adding to the economic benefits of SunBloc window films.

4. Window Security

  • Installed over windows, SunBloc window films are capable of holding broken glass pieces together, reducing the chances of accidents and injuries to building occupants.
  • Should there be higher levels of protection required (eg. against baseball bats, hammers, etc.), thicker security films are also available from SunBloc.

5. Visibility

  • SunBloc window films provide excellent two-way visibility, often times undetectable, if not for the lack of heat.
  • Views can be enjoyed from the inside – even directly against the sunlight.
  • In commercial applications, inward visibility allows passers-by to see what a business is about, increasing the chances of income generation.